Carrie Lassetter Reeves memorial sculpture fountain


    Bronze hails as an age-old favorite for its beauty and durability. Sculpture fountains bring together in harmony the natural appeal of soothing water flowing with artistic design. Bronze also stands alone in its beauty in its in-the-round state.
    The terra cotta medium carries the appeal of texture and spontaneity in figurative sculpture.
    Cold casting involves making reproductions of originals in materials other than metals, such as plaster and resin.
    The interplay between water and sculpture in a custom fountain is a unique, one-of-a kind work of art that is entirely different from a free-standing sculpture.
Carrie Lassetter Reeves pastel painting


          • WATERCOLOR
            The immediate and translucent nature of watercolor appeals to a wide audience of artists and non-artists alike.
          • PASTEL
            Quick, textured strokes and brilliant colors make pastel paintings vibrant and full of life.
          • OIL
            The rich blending of color in oils have held a preferred spot in the painting realm since their birth during the Renaissance.
          • FRESCO
          • Watercolor on a plaster surface is a contemporary take to traditional fresco.
          • PRINTS
          • Reproductions of select paintings are available.
Carrie Lassetter Reeves live sculpting in clay

Sculpture Devotional


The sculpture devotional program consists of sculpting in clay before an audience to a background of complementary music. The programs last from 25-45 minutes. The true work of art is what takes place during the program within the viewer; however, if the client wishes to keep the sculpture from the program, arrangements are made. If there is a subject the client wishes that is not in the usual offerings, a program may be streamlined to the needs of the event. The following are current sculpture programs offered:

Christmas Nativity (Madonna and Child)
Portrait of Compassion (Jesus with the Crown of Thorns)
The Hand of God
The Potter’s Hand

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