Sculpture Devotional

Why a Sculpture Devotional?

My artistic mentor, Dr. Sam Gore, told me once that the true work of art in a sculpture program is what takes place in individuals’ hearts as they watch the sculpture emerge in the hands of the artist on stage. I couldn’t agree more. There is something deeply moving about watching an artist create something out of what appears to be nothing. It is a metaphor for what God can do in our lives, a metaphor that is mentioned multiple times in the Bible. It is for this reason that I am passionate about my sculpture programs, which can be considered visual devotionals. Whether it is a Christmas nativity or a portrayal of the compassion of Jesus on crucifixion day, whether it is in a church or secular setting, each time the visual metaphor reaches into the hearts of the audience, impacting them in a way that only visual art can.

Art was used to speak to people in the Old Testament (Numbers 21:8), to beautify the house of God at His command, (the Tabernacle: Exodus 25-27; the Temple: 2 Chronicles 3 & 4) and was referred to by Jesus in the New Testament (John 3:14-15). It is due to being created in God’s image that humanity was given the gift of creativity. I am truly thankful for each opportunity to minister with my hands in a creative manner through different avenues, including the sculpture program.   Live sculpting before an audience to a background of thought-provoking music is a beautiful experience for me as the artist and for the viewer; it is very much a work of art itself.  

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