Sculpture Fountain

Why a Sculpture Fountain?

The interplay between water and bronze or water and terra cotta is exquisite! A sculpture, memorialized in bronze or terra cotta, placed together with the poetry and natural appeal of falling water, is a unique, one-of-a kind work of art that is entirely different from a stand-alone, in-the-round statue. As water trickles down the surface of the sculpture, it highlights the bronze or terra cotta in its surface contours. This, together with the sound of splash and the rivulets of each new path the water finds, a dynamic and rich experience is created for the viewer. It is a cheerful version of whatever story is being told in the sculpture.

A sculpture fountain is a beautiful way to memorialize a loved one who has passed, to pay tribute to a fallen hero as a monument to their accomplishment, to illustrate a biblical principle or narrative, or even to provide a beautiful backdrop for a baptismal area. The possibilities for sculpture fountain designs are endless. I streamline my sculpture fountain to the client’s specific wishes in subject matter as well as in aesthetics.

Bronze sculpture fountains are aesthetically appealing inside or outside, whereas terra cotta sculpture fountains are smaller in scale and have an appeal for indoor locations. Foyers of religious, public, educational, or private institutions are pleasing locations for indoor fountains, while outside sculpture fountains grace playgrounds, parks, prayer nooks, and courtyards of the same.

My ultimate inspiration for the sculpture fountain is Gianlorenzo Bernini; my favorite of Bernini’s is the Four Rivers Fountain in Rome, Italy.

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