When Mommy is an artist . . .



As the photographer was taking shots for this site of me working on a sculpture, my little girl was running around in the background, entertaining herself, when all of a sudden she ran up to me in the middle of a shoot, hugged me, and laid her head in my lap.   The photographer snapped this precious moment that became my favorite of the whole shoot.  I’m sure my daughter will have many memories of long hours waiting on Mommy to work on her artwork!  This glimpse of my “artisthood” crossing over into my “mommyhood” captures two of my greatest loves!  Being Mommy, as I have discovered in my two eventful years as such, requires just as much creativity as being an artist.  Juggling the many hats I’m required to wear each day as wife, mother, professor, artist, child of God, friend, and daughter, with only so many hours available in a day can be frustrating and overwhelming.  But it can also be beautiful  This picture reminds me to make time for what is important to me and to others.  If there’s not a balance, none of it will be as effective as it could be.  But that juggling requires creativity!  And so, I’m thankful today for the gift of creativity within me, and the gift of the life of my child that only the ultimate Creator could give.  May I never take these things for granted!

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